Kingspan Optim-r E Roofing Insulation

Code: IW3871

A next generation OPTIM-R panel is completely encased in a high-performance PIR insulation board. The encapsulation of the OPTIM-R panel ensures complete protection during the installation process.

With an outstanding thermal conductivity, the OPTIM-R E panels provide an exceptional insulation performance.

The OPTIM-R E Roofing System meets both the demand for thinner insulation and the demand for robust materials that can withstand the construction process.

The OPTIM-R E Roofing System comprises of two elements; OPTIM-R E panels and OPTIM-R flex infill strips.

It comes with a supporting installation design service that ensures the ratio of OPTIM-R E panels to OPTIM-R flex infill strips is maximized for each project.




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Thermal Conductivity : OPTIM-R E panels achieve a declared thermal conductivity of 0.009 W/m·K

Euroclass: E

Compressive Strength : ≥ 150 kPa (at 10% compression)

Product thickness: 80 mm

Product Length: 400 – 1200 mm

Product Width: 400 – 600 mm