A fast-growing online retailer that works alongside leading insulation manufacturers to provide an extensive product range to suit large projects, small businesses, homeowners, and private contractors. Insulation Wholesale supplies different materials like PIR boards, Acoustic Insulation, Insulation Slabs, Plasterboard, partitioning and fixings. Insulation Wholesale offers the most competitive prices on the desirable brands such as Ecotherm, Kingspan, Rockwool, Superglass, Knauf and many more. 

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Insulation is a crucial procedure to achieving the following long-term benefits:

  • Savings on energy bill costs by keeping your house warm and cool in the summertime.
  • Insulation is a powerful preventative tool against indoor mould growth by preventing mould condensation.
  • Reducing noise transmission
  • Carbon footprint
  • Types of Insulation

Insulation board is one of the most used materials in construction that is primarily used for pitched/flat roofs, internal/external walls, and floors for domestic and industrial projects. We stock various thicknesses from 20mm to 150mm with an excellent thermal conductivity of 0.22 k/mK throughout all thicknesses and superb compressive strength.

Insulation wholesale also offers the entire Kooltherm K range, a premium performance insulation that is one of the thinnest and most efficient products available.

Mineral Wool Rolls – These are lightweight rolls with the highest fire rating A1(non- combustible/ non-flammable). It is designed for easy installation between joists. Glass mineral wool is also breathable, helping to reduce the risk of condensation in the building.

Mineral Wool Slabs – Insulation Slab is made from mineral wool insulation, with a non-directional fibre orientation and high density, meaning sound waves are trapped and vibrations dampened. The acoustic slab also repels water and is vapour permeable, resisting rot and mold. Semi -rigid mineral wool slabs are designed for an easy fit between the joists  400mm and 600mm.

Plasterboard – Brining every purpose plasterboard: Standard, Fire Rated, Moisture resistant and Acoustic to enhance the final performance of any project.