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Insulation Wholesale is the perfect supplier of different types of insulation. Customers get free delivery on orders exceeding 400 pounds. From PIR Insulation to fixings and fastenings, Insulation Wholesale has it all. You can check out the insulation prices on the official website to see which ones work for you. 

What is Insulation Wholesale?

Insulation Wholesale is an insulation company that provides insulation materials on a wholesale basis. You can save money when you buy wholesale home insulation, as it comes with great prices and deals for deliveries over 400 pounds. 

Insulation Wholesale provides different insulation materials like acoustic insulation, PIR insulation boards, glass wall insulation, expanded polystyrene, building boards, partitioning, and ceilings.

At Insulation Wholesale, the goal is to sell you more for less. As the slogan says, you save more every day when you buy in bulk.

Insulation Wholesale serves different kinds of markets that include small businesses, home-owners, and private contractors.

Types of Insulation Materials

There are several types of insulation materials. At Insulation Wholesale, you can get the following significant materials to choose from.

Acoustic insulation – create a quiet environment with this type of insulation. Insulation Wholesale offers a variety of acoustic materials ranging from acoustic underlay, acoustic slab, acoustic foam, and acoustic partition rolls all from notable brands such as Rockwool, URSA and Cellecta.

Insulation board – this is an insulated panel engineered from foam plastics such as polyisocynurate or fiberglass. They are easy to handle and install. We offer insulation boards from reputable brands such as Kingspan.

Wall insulation – this insulation is made to reduce heat loss in a building. The material is normally fixed in cavity walls. At Insulation Wholesale, we provide wall insulation products from recognizable brands such as Kingspan, Rockwool and Superglass Superwall.

Roof insulation – roof insulation is typically installed between the roof’s joists to insulate the roof against heat loss. 

There are several other types. At Insulation Wholesale, there are several types to ensure that no customer walks away without finding what they need.

How Does Insulation Work?

The insulation material is placed as a layer on wall interiors or in the exterior sheath of wall structures to reduce heat conduction. The material prevents heat from being lost to the outside when the outdoor temperature plummets and keeps the cold air from getting into the house easily.  

There are three methods through which heat moves:

•Through direct contact (known as conduction)

•Through active travel through the air (known as convection)

•As ambient heat (known as radiation)

In housing, the insulation is placed in the space between the interior walls and the home’s exterior walls.

The insulation makes the walls air-tight and allows heating systems to raise or lower the air temperature. Subsequently, with the best insulation materials, the air can be warmed or cooled for a short time without running the air conditioning system constantly to get the ideal temperature.


From fiberglass to rigid insulation materials, Insulation Wholesale got you covered regardless of what insulation material you need to make your home more comfy. Reach out today and start the journey of insulating your home with us.