5mm Regupol Quietlay Acoustic Underscreed Sheets 2.25m x 1.15m

Code: IW6614

Regupol Quietlay is a rubberbound screed isolation method that takes the form of sheets instead of a roll. The 3 sheets supplied in this product make installation a breeze as the product is easier to handle and easier to cut to size around any detailing or corners. The pre-fabricated sheets of Regupol Quietlay are manufactured from recycled materials and there’s no need to use perimeter strips, making Regupol Quietlay environmentally friendly and friendly to budgets too.

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Regupol QUIETLAY is a recycled crumb product designed to isolate main structure of the building on pre-cast floors and timber floors, reducing impact energy generated by general footfall. Regupol® QUIETLAY offers enhanced isolation performance and delivers impact sound insulation of 47dB, even under heavy loads.
  • No perimeter strips required – resulting in 5-10% cost saving on labour
  • No specialist trades required for installation
  • Improved health and safety – material is supplied in easy to handle sheets (under 5kg per sheet)
  • Extremely quick and easy to install
  • Efficient Installation – A standard Utility Knife can be used to cut the material
  • No polythene layer required where sand/cement screeds are used
  • Suitable for both sand/cement and proprietary flowing screeds
  • Minimal creep characteristics
  • Manufactured from a recycled source
  • High quality and exact thickness guaranteed
  • Fully recyclable
  • Suitable for use with Underfloor Heating Systems
  • MF ceiling perimeter isolation is not required