Kooltherm K110 (Soffit Board)

Kooltherm K110 Soffit Board Insulation, comprising a wet-lay, coated glass fibre-tissue-based upper face and composite foil lower face phenolic foam board. The product is for use as soffit insulation to semi-exposed concrete floor decks in new and existing car parks, storage areas, loading bays and similar areas beneath habitable domestic and non-domestic buildings.

How is Kooltherm phenolic insulation made?

The rigid thermoset foam forms an insulating core between two facing elements. At the start, wet foam insulation mix is added to the bottom layer of the facing. It then expands to meet the top layer. As it dries the foam bonds to the facings. The fo+m is then cooked under pressure before curing and hardening it.

Key Features Kingspan Kooltherm K110 Soffit (Structural Ceiling)

The product has a thermal conductivity of 0.018 Wm/Kaccording to the manufacturer.

The danger of condensation – the product can help to reduce the risk of condensation.

Durability – the product will last the same amount of time as the structure in which it is installed.
In terms of fire behaviourthe product is classed as class Cs2d0 according to BS EN 1350112007.

Mechanical resistance and stability — the product is strong enough to withstand the loads it will face in service.

Benefits of Kooltherm K110 Soffit (Structural Ceiling) Board

* Easy to handle
* Easy to install
* Unaffected by air infiltration
* Appropriate to be used for new builds and refurbishment projects
* Non–deleterious material which means it is non–hazardous to health.
* Manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero ODP and low GWP

Please note all K110 Kingspan products are sold in full pack quantities only

Packaging and Storage 

The polyethene packaging of Kingspan Insulation products, which is recyclable, should not be considered adequate for outdoor protection.

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