Fire Rated Plasterboard

Insulation Wholesale is proud to offer a wide range of fireproof plasterboard products to help reduce the impacts of accidental fire outbreak in your home. 

We normally source our fire rated plasterboard products from industry-leading manufacturers such as GYPFOR and therefore quality and high-performance are guaranteed.

What Is Fire Rated Plasterboard?

Fire-rated plasterboard, popularly known as fireproof plasterboard, is a building material designed to resist or withstand fire. The panels are used for both ceilings and wall applications.

These plasterboards stand out from others thanks to their improved fire-resistance qualities. Our GYPFOR fire plasterboard comes with a tapered edge and aerated core with glass fiber insulation material and other additives sandwiched in strong paper liners. This insulation sheet material is ideal for dry lining internal surfaces.

The plasterboard’s fireproof performance is based on various building ‘elements’ such as wall partitions, ceilings, floors, and walls. Fire-rated plasterboard only forms a small part of the entire construction.

Regardless of the ‘elements,’ plasterboard’s linings will always have screw fixings and metal studs, which are part of the ‘system’ of fireproof performance. It is, therefore, all these elements that make fireproof plasterboard. Plasterboard cannot be called fire-rated plasterboard per se. 

The fire resistance capability is always expressed in minutes, usually from 30 minutes to two hours (120mins). The minutes show the length of time fire plasterboard can withstand fire without breaking down.

Our fire-rated plasterboard are available in different thicknesses, usually ranging from 12.5mm and 15mm with tapered edge. If you need to partition walls that need a stronger barricade with fire protection, fire resistance plasterboard with 15mm thickness would be the best option.


Fireproof plasterboard is designed with features that make it fire resistant and deliver optimal benefits to homeowners. 

  • Fire-rated plasterboard is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t use harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.
  • Can be used in a variety of applications such as walls, roofs, floors, and partitions.
  • It is tough and durable.
  • The sheets do not separate when exposed to profoundly warm steam.
  • The fireproof sheets don’t burst into flames in a fire.
  • The plasterboard is also termite safe.
  • Impact-resistant. Apart from being fire-resistant, pink plasterboard is also impact resistant. Regular impacts won’t harm it.
  • Sound resistant. They act as sound barriers, hence keeps your home quiet, thus comfortable.


Fire rated plasterboard from Insulation Wholesale ensures the spread of fire and its impacts are considerably reduced thanks to the high performance and quality of our products. The best thing is that you don’t need to break your bank balances to get pink plasterboard when you buy in bulk from our stores.

For any questions or queries regarding fire rated plasterboard , or product recommendations, feel free to call our team of experts on 02033 187 316  and they will be more than happy to help.

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