Nilvent Kingspan Pallet(24 Rolls)

Code: IW7919

Kingspan nilvent is a breathable membrane suitable for use in unventilated pitched roof and timber frame wall applications.




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Water vapour resistance : It achieves a resistance of 0.10 MN·s/g and a water vapour transmission Sd of 0.02 m

Euroclass: E

Liquid water penetration: > 2m

Tensile strength: 270 N / 50 mm longitudinal
225 N / 50 mm transverse

Nail tear strength: 120 N longitudinal
140 N transverse

Roll length: 50m

Roll width: 1.5m

Thickness: 0.4mm

Area per roll: 75 m2

Weight: 0.13 kg/m2

Weight per roll: 9.8kg