100mm Rockwool Flexi Slab Acoustic Insulation 1200mm x 600mm 4.32m2 Pack

Code: IW6829
  • Length: 1.2m
  • Width: 600mm
  • Thickness: 100mm
  • Pack quantity: 6x rolls
  • Pack coverage: 4.32m2
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.038 W/mK
  • Reaction to fire: A1 classification to BS EN 13501-1

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Rockwool Flexi is a unique, flexible-edged insulation product, specifically developed using patented technology for a fast and easy, perfect friction fit between timber and metal frame systems. Rockwool Flexi provides effective thermal insulation, fire resistance and acoustic performance in all framed areas of the building.

Flexi slabs ensure essential tight fitting for thermal and acoustic integrity between frames in walls, partitions, floors and roofs, without the need for cutting or waste. Made from renewable volcanic rock, they are extremely fire resistant and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a building.

Rockwool Flexi is a multi-use, dual-purpose thermal and acoustic insulation product with a unique flexible edge along one side. The flexible edge ensures a perfect fit is maintained between the product and its supporting framework for optimum effectiveness. The product consists of a semi-rigid slab with a flexible edge along one side.

Acoustic performance

Rockwool stone wool products work in two distinct ways to reduce noise, either by impeding the transmission of sound through an element of the structure or by absorption of sound at the surface.

The structure of the fibres in Rockwool RW slabs make them ideal for use as a sound absorber, with characteristically high coefficients over a wide frequency range.

Fire resistance

All Rockwool RW slab products, either un-faced or with an aluminium foil or glass fleece on one or both surfaces, achieve an A1 classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 and therefore comply with the requirements of non-combustible materials/products, as defined in all UK and Ireland Building Regulations.

Handling & storage

Rockwool RW slabs are light and easy to cut to any shape with a sharp knife.


Once installed the Rockwool RW slabs need no maintenance.


Additional information


Floor, Roof, Walls




1200mm, 600mm


Mineral Wool

Product type


Thermal conductivity

0.038 W/mK








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