Kooltherm K107 (Pitched Roof Board)

Kooltherm K107 is a two-sided (perforated) foil composite closedcell phenolic foam board for use in household structures with warm pitched roofs where the ceiling follows the pitched roof and encloses a living zone. 

What is the manufacturing process for Kooltherm phenolic insulation and what types of roofs it is suitable for?

Between two facing pieces, the stiff thermoset foam provides an insulating core. To begin, wet foam insulation mix is applied to the facing’s bottom layer. The bottom layer is then expanded to meet the upper layer. As the foam dries, it adheres to the facings. After that, the foam is heated under pressure before being cured and hardened. Suitable in use for domestic buildings of new and existing warm pitched roof constructions where the ceiling follows the pitch of the roof and encloses a habitable space.

Features of Kingspan Kooltherm K107 Pitched Roof Board

The facer has a reported thermal conductivity (D valueof 0.018 Wm1K1 and an aged emissivity value of 0.05 for thermal performance.
The danger of condensation – the product will help to reduce the risk of condensation. The product has an NPD categorization for its fire behaviour.
Durability – the product will last the same amount of time as the structure in which it is installed.

Benefits of Kooltherm K107

Easy to handle
Easy to install
Unaffected by air infiltration
Appropriate to be used for new builds and refurbishment projects
Nondeleterious material which means it is nonhazardous to health.
Manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero ODP and low GWP
Resists attack by mould and microbial growth

Please note all K107 Kingspan products are sold in full pack quantities only 

Packaging and Storage  

The polyethene packaging of Kingspan Insulation products, which is recyclable, should not be considered adequate for outdoor protection. 

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