Insulated Plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard is an excellent way to minimise labour costs on a renovation/new built project and save time. Insulation Wholesale offers thermal plasterboard products from reputable brands such as Kingspan Kooltherm K118, Ecotherm Eco-Liner, and Quinn Therm QL Kraft.

The products are available in different thicknesses and sizes, and you can also choose the material as well as finish to use for the insulation. Insulated plasterboard is commonly installed on internal walls to improve the wall’s capability to retain heat without adding a lot of wall’s depth.

What Is Insulated Plasterboard?

Insulated plasterboard (simply plasterboard with insulation) is a building material consisting of a gypsum board pre-bonded to insulation material. The thickness and size of the plasterboard depend on the grade of the insulation bonded to it.

Types of Insulated Plasterboard?

We offer three types of insulated plasterboard with varied thicknesses, ranging from 25mm to 80mm thickness.

  • Ecotherm Eco-Liner Insulated Plasterboard: This is a fibre-free rigid polyisocyanurate insulate core glued to 12.5mm tapered edge drywall plasterboard using adhesives. The two-in-one panel insulates and dry lines your walls in just one application.
  • Quinn Therm QL Kraft Insulated Plasterboard: this is also a fibre-free insulation board but offers higher performance than the latter. It is engineered with Kraft paper veneer on one side while the other side is consist of plasterboard. It is normally utilised under rafters and walls to reduce heat loss.
  • Kingspan Kooltherm K118 Insulated Plasterboard: this provides superior performance compared to the other two insulated plasterboard. It also comes with a free-fibre rigid phenolic core. When it comes to rigid thermoset insulation materials, the performance of this insulation is unrivalled in the world.

Benefits of Insulated Plasterboard

  • Insulated gypsum boards are cheaper compared to other similar materials.
  • Foam backed plasterboard makes your home more energy-efficient, therefore cutting down on your heating and cooling utility bills. It is estimated that you can salvage up to £200 on your heating bills yearly, so it is a worthy investment.
  • Besides incurring low costs on bills, your home will be comfortable to live in. It remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Insulated thermal plasterboard is easy to handle and install. However, you would need additional hands, especially when cutting. Remember, it is delicate, and if carelessly handled, it can get damaged.
  • Foam-backed plasterboard is free of Formaldehyde, HCFC, and CFC. So, it has little impact on the environment.
  • Plasterboard with insulation offers great moisture-resistant capacity, which helps you keep your home dry, especially during the cold winter months.
  • Offers versatility – with insulated plasterboard, a homeowner is not limited to one option. You have varying options in terms of sizes, color, and thickness. You can choose whether you want to increase the thickness of your wall or to keep it thin.

What Is Insulated Plasterboard Used For?

Gypsum board comes in handy when you want to line internal walls, typically, brick walls in cases where both dry-lining and insulation are required.

Drywall insulation is inexpensive and takes little time to install compared to traditional insulation or dry-lining method and can be the best alternative to conventional insulation material and foil-faced gypsum board.

Thermal Plasterboard Thickness

The thickness of thermal plasterboards varies significantly depending on the pre-bonded insulator. However, the thickness usually starts from 25mm to 80.5mm. You need to consider the thickness depending on the type of project you want to do. For instance, if you don’t want to reduce your room’s size when insulating the walls, you should opt for thermal plasterboard with a thin thickness. That will save your room space than when you install thick insulation.

What Are the Prices of Insulated Plasterboards

Various aspects dictate the price of thermal plasterboard. The prices will usually vary depending on the brand, plasterboard type, thickness, and length.

Since plasterboard with insulation has a wide array of applications, from floors, roofs, wall partitions, ceilings, and wall linings, it is essential to look for the best price offers, especially if you are operating with a shoestring budget.

Bottom Line

Foam backed plasterboard guarantees you value for your hard-earned money. Luckily, you have the backing of Insulation Wholesale to make your project hassle-free and cost effective when it comes to acquiring insulation materials.

You don’t have to milk your bank dry when insulating your home, save more every day when you BUY insulated plasterboard in bulk!

Not sure which foam backed plasterboard is ideal for your project? Our team is ready to help you. Reach out to our qualified personnel on 02033 187 316 for free consultations. Read our guide below for more insights into insulated plasterboard.

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