Wall Insulation

Insulation Wholesale is home to the most popular wall insulation products from reputable brands such as

  • Superglass Superwall 32/36
  • Superglass Acoustic
  • Superglass Multi
  • URSA Acoustic
  • URSA Cavity Wall Insulation
  • URSA Roll Insulation
  • Kingspan Kooltherm K106/K108/K5/K12
  • Rockwool Flexi
  • Rockwool RWA45, RW3, RW4, RW5, RW6, and XD

If you buy internal wall insulation boards or external wall insulation boards from us, you are guaranteed of top-notch insulation products and services; from ordering to delivering of your order.

Not sure which of these wall insulation products is ideal for your project? Give us a call today and we will help you choose.

What Is Wall Insulation?

Wall insulation is designed to minimise heat loss through the walls. Usually, the insulation material is installed in cavity walls to eradicate heat transfer. The air is captured within the cavity, preventing heat loss.

Wall Insulation; Understanding the Basics

Carrying out wall insulation and doing it properly are two different things. Remember, your return on investment on wall insulation depends majorly on where you fix the insulation (external or internal), the type of walls you have (cavity or solid), and finally, the kind of insulation material you use. 

However, the advantages of the quality of life will be realized straightaway. Your building will be hardy to temperature fluctuations and more energy efficient.

Type of Insulation for Your Wall

Here at Insulation Wholesale, we provide two main types if wall insulation: cavity wall insulation and stud wall insulation.

Stud Wall Insulation

Stud wall insulation is used on solid walls. Stud walls are interior walls built by vertically laying timber beams to create a frame. The insulation material such as ROCKWOOL RW3 is filled between stud walls or installed over the timber before it is finished.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall is a brick wall and inner block demarcated by a cavity. To install insulation, you would need to drill small holes on the exterior wall to inject the insulation to fill the gap and then seal it. It is a straightforward and quick job to do.

Benefits of Wall Insulation

Reduction of Heat Loss

Most homeowners install wall insulation in order to reduce the amount of heat loss from their homes, especially during the winter. This helps to keep their homes warmer. The insulation also reduces the amount of heat entering the home during the summer, hence keeping the home cool.

Reduction of Carbon Print 

Wall insulation makes your home more energy-efficient since you don’t need a lot of energy to keep your home comfortable. Less energy consumption means low burning of fuels, and this benefits the environment.

Reduction in Energy Bills

Wall insulation reduces your energy consumption since you don’t have to keep your HVAC system or furnace running for longer hours than usual. In turn, you save on energy bills. It is estimated that homeowners can save between $150-300 yearly with proper insulation.

Helps in Mould Prevention

Mold result due to moisture penetration and condensation. This problem is effectively addressed by internal wall insulation.

Easy and Quick to Install

You don’t need pro skills to install external or internal wall insulation. Besides, the work is non-invasive.


With more than six million houses in the UK already with wall insulation and homeowners enjoying significant savings on their heating and cooling bills, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

And there is no best time to take action than NOW! With Insulation Wholesale’s rich selection of wall insulation products, there will always be something for you!

For any questions or queries regarding wall insulation, or product recommendations, feel free to call our team of experts on 02033 187 316 and they will be more than happy to help.

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