Acoustic Insulation

Over the years, Insulation Wholesale has been providing a wide array of acoustic insulation products at an unparalleled prices to help our customers create a conducive working and living environment.

From acoustic foam, acoustic partition roll, acoustic slab, and acoustic underlay, we give you an opportunity to choose from industry-leading manufacturers and brands such as Cellecta (RUBBERfon & YELOfon), Rockwool (RWA45 & Flexi Slab, RW3, RW4, RW5, RW6.), CMS Danskin, Regupol, Superglass and URSA.

In case you need a specific acoustic insulation material or you are uncertain of the appropriate acoustic insulation product to use in your new build, DIY or renovation project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional team on 02033 187 316. We will advise you accordingly so that you can make the right decision in your selection.

What Is Acoustic Insulation?

Acoustic insulation is also called sound insulation, sound proof insulation or noise insulation. It is intended to reduce the intensity of sound transmission from the outside to the inside of your home, or between the walls.

How Does Acoustic Insulation Work?

Sound waves are transmitted in all directions in form of vibrations. Soundproof insulation minimizes the intensity of these vibrations by creating a barrier. There are different types of sound insulation uniquely designed to absorb, scatter, deflect, or completely block the noise to maintain the sound intensity at low and controllable levels.

Is Acoustic Insulation For You?

Should you consider getting acoustic insulation? Well, let’s consider some facts about noise pollution:

  • In 2017 alone, there were a 15.6% increase in noise complaints in the UK. The number rose from 422,000 in 2014 to 500,000 in 2017. This shows noise pollution is ever increasing.
  • One in three UK homeowners says they have a problem with noisy neighbors.
  • Europe spends over 30.8 billion Euros on noise pollution-related issues such as impaired learning, reduced productivity, healthcare treatment, and lost working days due to noise-related complications.
  • People who live near an airport or a busy road are; likely to suffer more from headaches, are 35% more likely to suffer depression, are more likely to enlist psychiatric services, rely more on sleeping pills and sedatives, are prone to minor accidents, etc.
  • Living in a quiet building promotes your wellbeing, reduces healthcare costs and sick days, and helps drive the economy.

What Are The Benefits Of Acoustic Insulation?

Stress Reduction

Reduced noise can help in the reduction of stress levels. You get a less chaotic and relaxing environment.

Enhanced Productivity

A peaceful environment, especially in offices, help workers work faster. Besides, they are able to communicate easily with clients and reduce time spent on the phone. Acoustic insulation in the conference rooms also helps keep the confidential information within the room. 

Providing Privacy

Sound insulation means a serene environment for everyone in the house. The house feels more inviting since even when your friends or relatives come over the weekend, they can’t hear your private family talks. In addition, if you have teens who play loud music, you won’t be bothered about that. 

Improving Health

Noise pollution can have a significant negative impact on general wellbeing. It can result in depression, headaches, and other adverse psychological issues. Soundproof insulation helps minimize the sound vibrations, which helps provide a peaceful and tranquil environment, which improves the overall quality of life. 


Most people don’t think about the benefit of sound proof insulation when insulating their homes. However, you will see a significant change in your heating and cooling bills when you insulate your home. Sound insulation makes your home more energy efficient by reducing energy use in your home. That ultimately saves you some bucks.

What Different Forms Of Acoustic Insulation Are Available?

Here at Insulation Wholesale, we provide different types of high-quality acoustic insulation products from industry leading manufacturers such as Regupol and Cellecta and we continue to grow the range.

Acoustic Foam

This form of acoustic insulation is composed of flexible and durable open cell material. Acoustic foam is normally provided in sheets that are cut in desired sizes during fitting. The common application of these sheets is within ventilation and ductwork to minimise noise produced by these equipment. Besides, acoustic foam is utilised in electrical equipment, vehicles, generators, and within the home.

Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic underlay is typically insulation installed beneath the floor, or onto the sub-floor in order to stop airborne and impact noise. It works by cutting off the contact between the finished flooring and subfloor, therefore, absorbing sound vibrations between the two surfaces and hence reducing sound transfer.

Acoustic Partition Roll (APR)

This is a lightweight glass mineral wool roll offering high acoustic insulation performance in partitions in floors and walls. It is used in both domestic and commercial applications. Here at Wholesale Insulation we provide acoustic insulation roll with varying thicknesses ranging from 25mm to 100mm.

Acoustic Slab

If you need a soundproof product that gives more value for money, then you should go for acoustic slab. Apart from offering acoustic insulation properties, it also provides thermal insulation properties.

It is usually used in cavity walls and pitched roofs thanks to its semi-rigid structure. Besides, you can friction-fit acoustic slab in studs and joists effortlessly and it won’t sag. For the floors, you can opt for mats, rolls or boards as they are fitted over existing timbers or installed between boards.

Our acoustic slab products from Rockwool are builder’s favourite. You can choose from different thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 140mm depending on your project requirements.


Choose from acoustic partition roll, acoustic underlay, acoustic slab, acoustic foam and much more to enhance soundproof insulation in your home. 

For any questions or queries regarding acoustic insulation, or product recommendations, feel free to call our team of experts on 02033 187 316 and they will be more than happy to help.

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