Loft Roll Insulation

When you buy roll insulation from Insulation Wholesale you get an exclusive opportunity to select from leading brands such as Superglass Multi Roll, URSA Loft Roll, Superglass acoustic, and URSA Acoustic, just to mention a few so you are assured you are getting value for your hard-earned money.

From glass wool to acoustic loft roll, you will be overwhelmed by a plethora of options we have in our stores, not to mention pocket-friendly prices we offer to customers who buy in bulk! Each of our loft insulation roll range boasts superior thermal performances.

While we guarantee you will get something ideal for your project, if you are not sure what will work best for your project, why not reach out to our roll insulation experts? They will recommend the best loft insulation products and how to install them. Call on 02033 187 316, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Types of Loft Insulation

Before diving into the main types of loft insulation, let’s first understand warm and cold loft insulation.

You will need to insulate floor joists for a cold loft. This will prevent heat from getting into the loft. You can DIY it since it is cheap and also effortless to install. However, with a cold loft, you can face issues of temperature fluctuations and condensation. So, a cold loft might not be ideal for you if you have plans to transform your attic into a living space. 

Contrary, if you need to come up with a warm loft, you should opt for insulation with a demarcation between the loft floor and the roof’s underside. This implies that some heat will get into the loft and regulate temperature. However, remember that the heat cannot escape via the roof.

We provide two main types of loft insulation:

Glass Wool

Glass loft insulation roll, also known as fiberglass insulation offers an excellent thermal insulation because it is manufactured from glass fibre. During bonding of the glass fibre, small pockets of air are trapped between the materials enhancing its thermal insulation properties.

Glass wool is an environmentally friendly insulation since it is engineered from recycled glass. Glass loft roll at Insulation Wholesale is obtained from reputable brands such as Superglass Multi Roll and URSA Loft Roll. We offer varying thicknesses of glass wool roll, usually ranging from 25mm to 200mm.

The benefits of glass wool is that it is insect repellent, fire-resistant, and eco-friendly since it is obtained from recycled glass.

Some cons include irritation to the skin, the need to wear protective gear. Its effectiveness is compromised when wet, and therefore not ideal to use in damp areas. 

Acoustic Loft Roll

You would not want to leave out sound-reducing loft roll whenever you are insulating your home. You can install acoustic loft roll in partition walls, floors, ceilings and roofs to give your rooms some extra tranquillity and privacy.

With acoustic loft roll from reputable brands such as Superglass Acoustic and URSA Acoustic, acoustic insulation could be all that you need to make the difference in your home without affecting your bank balances.

Benefits of Loft Insulation

Thought your loft was only important for keeping Christmas decorations? Here are the reasons why loft roll insulation is worth your effort and time.

  • Your home will remain cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • A perfectly-insulated loft implies you won’t face condensation issues as you would without it.
  • If installed properly, loft insulation can be effective for up to forty years (and up to fifty years in the case of sheep’s wool). 
  • You will notice a significant improvement in the energy efficiency of your home. In fact, homeowners save up to £215 on energy bills yearly, according to the Energy Savings Trust.
  • You will be contributing significantly to saving the environment. Do you know that a third of all carbon emissions are a result of heating draughty homes? Now you know! 
  • Reduction of outside noise. If you live near an airport or along a busy highway, you will notice a substantial noise reduction after installing loft insulation.

Costs and Savings of Loft Insulation

The costs and savings of loft insulation are dictated by a number of factors such as the cost and quality of installation, the level of current insulation, cost and quality of materials, your home’s energy efficiency and the current energy utility bills.

Generally, loft installation will set you back £300 and you will recoup it in two years from the energy savings that you get.

How Thick Should A Loft Insulation Be?

According to the UK regulations, the recommended depth of blanket style loft insulation is 250-270mm. If you bought your home a couple of years back, you should check loft depth as some years back, the recommended depth was 200mm. 

Older homes have a loft depth of 100mm and need to be replaced.


Whether you need to enhance thermal or acoustic insulation properties in your home, Insulation Wholesale knows exactly what you need to accomplish that hassle-free.

Shop today for loft insulation and enjoy great discounts when you buy in bulk!

For any questions or queries regarding acoustic loft roll and glass wool insulation, or product recommendations, feel free to call our team of experts on 02033 187 316 and they will be more than happy to help.

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