Understanding that varying new build/ renovation projects need different types of plasterboards, Insulation Wholesale stocks a wide range of plasterboard sheets to meet all kinds of your project demands.

Including a wide array of acoustic plasterboard, fire plasterboard, moisture plasterboard, standard plasterboard, and insulated plasterboard, each range provides top-notch quality, cost-effective and high performance plasterboard ideal for all types of projects.

From broad range of thicknesses (12.5mm to 80mm) and varied lengths and widths, there are different sizes and thicknesses suitable for your project. Browse different plasterboard by category on the left drop bar and find specific products that you need easily.

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What Is Plasterboard?

Also known as gypsum board, wall panel, drywall, or wallboard, plasterboard is among the world’s most utilized building materials. It comes in handy in interior and wall ceiling cladding on both commercial and residential buildings.

However, despite being one of the most used building material, many people misunderstand plaster board.

Before its debut in the construction industry, builders used a similar material containing asbestos. However, when asbestos’s negative impacts on health were uncovered, plasterboard sheets became the perfect replacement.

Wallboard is manufactured from a gypsum core faced on both sides by heavy foil. The edges can either be slightly beveled or flat.

Benefits of Using Plasterboard

There are myriad benefits of using plasterboard in your home. First, the material offers a smooth finish in case you want to decorate it. Secondly, the material is lightweight. This makes it easy to handle. Thirdly, you can use it to design curved walls. Here are some more advantages:

Easy to install – the process of installing plasterboard is simple. Since they are lightweight, you can handle them easily without risking injuries. Therefore, the installation process is safe, simple, and clean.

Reasonably priced – if you are operating with a shoe-string budget, plasterboard is the only way out. It’s cost-effective while offering a high-quality standard for construction.

Low impact on the environment – most plasterboards are manufactured from sustainable resources and recyclable materials. Some are even manufactured out of 45 percent recycled materials, and no chemicals are used.

Fire-resistant – plasterboards anatomy is composed of some water. In case of fire, the water rises, helping to reduce the temperature and slow down the spread of fire.

Easy to repair – plasterboards can be repaired easily, and no complicated tools are needed.

Types of Plasterboard

There are various types of plaster board. Here are popular types that we stock:

Moisture Plasterboard

Moisture resistant plasterboard contains additives that prevent the accumulation of moisture on the wall. The additives are normally in the plasterboard’s core.

This type of plaster board is ideal for use in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. You can also use it in sheltered areas for external soffits.

Acoustic Plasterboard

As the name suggests, acoustic plasterboard is meant to reduce sound transmission between rooms. To offer optimal soundproof, this plaster board tends to have a thicker density compared to other drywalls.

It has a thickness of approximately 12.5mm. This thickness is enough to reduce noise traveling through the walls and ceiling. You can also enhance its acoustic ability by reinforcing it with noise-resistant materials such as fiberglass or mineral wool.

Standard Plasterboard

Standard plasterboard comes with both tapered and square edges with width normally being 1200mm. The board also has one ivory face ideal for direct painting or wallpapering.

Insulated Plasterboard

Also known as thermal plaster board, insulated plasterboard is a common form of gypsum board. It is meant to retain the heat in the room. To accomplish this, a thermal insulation board is added at the back of the drywall.

These two are combined to create a single board (insulation plasterboard). It is one of the cost-effective ways to insulate your walls.

Fire-Resistant Plasterboard

It comes with fire-resistance properties. However, the effectiveness of each material varies since each has a different performance rating.

Those with high fire performance ratings don’t catch fire entirely, while others can only resist fire for a specific duration. However, the minimum fire performance rating for plaster boards is half an hour to two hours.

How To Cut Plasterboard

Plasterboard can be cut easily and doesn’t need complicated tools to do the cut. However, there are more costly tools you can opt for if you want.

The basic tools you need to cut plaster board are; a sharp knife (preferably Stanley knife), tape measure, an old saw, and a straight edge. You may also require wallboard saw. Since Gypsum boards are heavy, you need a second hand to help you hold it when cutting.

Step 1: To start, score one side of the drywall and then bend the part you want to cut the opposite way. 

Step 2: Cut the folded side using a sharp knife, and the two parts will separate easily on their own.

To cut the plasterboard on its length, you will need to use a plaster board saw. If you want to remove that part you have cut, score the side and use a knife following the first and second step.

To cut a hole, you would need to score the plaster board with a knife and knock the scored piece out using a hammer. However, it is not easy as said here; it needs practice, lest you destroy your plasterboard.

Bottom Line

For minor or major renovation projects, plaster board is a viable DIY project. Depending on your home’s needs, you can choose the ideal type of plaster board from the different types available in our store.

Plasterboard is easy to cut but to make holes, you need some practice as the process is delicate. Drywall irritates your eyes, so when cutting, consider wearing protective glasses.

For any questions or queries regarding plasterboard materials, or product recommendations, feel free to call our team of experts on 02033 187 316 and they will be more than happy to help.

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