5mm CMS Danskin Soundfoam 2m x 50m 100Sq/m

Code: IW3141

Soundlay Foam Under Screed Isolation Material is a cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foam which is ideal as a low cost resilient under-screed layer designed to reduce the transmission of impact sound through cast in–situ beam and block and precast plank flooring.

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The foam contains EVA rubber cells to give improved acoustic performance and increased resistance to compression and creeping.
Soundlay Foam Under Screed Isolation Material is available in a range of thicknesses giving choice of impact sound insulation values.


  • Easy and Fast to install
  • Easy to handle
  • High Elasticity for excellent impact sound attenuation
  • Both systems tested on basic floor constructions
  • Low Water absorption avoids need for additional waterproof membrane
  • Good compression set
  • Highly resistant to creeping