Acoustic Plasterboard

Our range of acoustic plasterboard feature products from industry-leading manufacturers such as GYPFOR. You can choose from 12.5mm thickness or 15mm thickness depending on your project.

What Is Acoustic Plasterboard?

Acoustic plasterboard, commonly known as soundproof plasterboard or sound resistant plasterboard, is an enhanced version of standard plasterboard designed to offer a strong level of sound insulation.

The material has a high density, and this largely contributes to its noise reduction property. The higher the density of the blue plasterboard, the greater its acoustic property. Besides, plasterboard can be combined with other soundproof materials such as fiberglass or mineral wool in order to enhance its ability to absorb and block noise.


Soundproof plasterboard is utilized in many applications such as in ceilings, floors, and walls. It is the best material to choose to reduce noise traveling between floors or rooms and block noise from noisy neighbors. The best thing is that the installation is not complicated, and therefore you can DIY.

How Effective Is Soundproof Plasterboard?

On average, acoustic plasterboard minimize sound vibrations by 42 dB. Even if you install a single layer of dB board on the stud wall, you ought to still achieve 42 dB noise reduction.

Humans can perceive a noise reduction as low as 10 dB. So, a noise reduction difference of 42 dB would almost represent a 90% reduction in your current noise levels coming via the walls.

However, if you have not soundproofed the rest of the rooms or some cavities where sound can leak, soundproofing your walls won’t bring any difference. But as long as you consider that, installing blue plasterboard is a worthy investment.


Regardless of where you install your acoustic plasterboard; on the walls, ceiling, or floor, you enjoy the following benefits. 

Note: For optimal soundproof performance, make sure that most of the surfaces of your home are insulated.

  • Enhances acoustics, and therefore you can communicate without interference and understand the message better.
  • Acoustic plasterboard can be used in a plethora of applications such as stud walls, ceilings, floors, and any conceivable form.
  • Increases productivity by ensuring a quiet and pleasant living and working environment.
  • It is lightweight. This makes it easy and quick to install. It is also hassle-free to handle and transport/offload.
  • It is energy efficient. Apart from blocking noise from entering your home, soundproof plasterboard prevents heat loss. It is estimated that you can save up to 10% on energy costs by installing acoustic insulation.
  • It can be installed in vaults, double curved, and even dome surfaces.


Installing blue plasterboard not only makes your home serene and comfy to live in, but it also improves your wellbeing.  Shop for acoustic plasterboard today at Insulation Wholesale and save more when you buy in bulk.

For any questions or queries regarding soundproof plasterboard, or product recommendations, feel free to call our team of experts on 02033 187 316 and they will be more than happy to help.

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